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Value Added Service Award Program

Every month, Patton Building Services, Inc. will formally recognize employees from each of our divisions for exhibiting behaviors consistent with our core values. We want to thank those who go beyond what is required to provide quality service to our clients.

We care…We love what we do…We go the extra mile!

September 2023 Recipients

  • Northern Division

Left to Right: Division Manager, Jason Drvar and Martinsburg Launch and Support Specialist, Lawrence J. Hockenberry (LJ)

LJ is a project crew member at American Public Education, Inc., Martinsburg, WV. He does a fabulous job maintaining the floors and carpets and cleans other areas, too. He was recently praised by our client for addressing water that was making its way into the building. Although not part of his regular job duties, LJ immediately jumped in to help and cleaned it all up. Our client noted, “LJ is always pleasant to interact with and willing to help with anything that is needed without hesitation.” Thank you, LJ, for caring, going the extra mile, and showing our clients that you love what you do.

  • Southern Division

Left to Right: Huntington Area Manager, Daniel Sailor, and General Cleaner, Daniel Kelty.

Dan Kelty has proven to be a valuable team member. Our clients have complimented him on his positive attitude, performance, and professionalism. His manager is thankful for his dedication to the clients and to the team. Dan often covers for others by cleaning their sites, travels to cover buildings over an hour away, and does so without complaint or reluctance. Dan, you are the ideal team member! Thank you for going the extra mile and caring for our clients!


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