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The Benefits of Purchasing Toilet Paper from Your Cleaning Service

If you're a manager tasked with maintaining a clean and well-supplied facility, you're likely responsible for ordering restroom supplies such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels, trash can liners, urinal screens, and air fresheners. This includes arranging deliveries, checking prices, managing stock levels, and handling invoices. While these tasks are essential, you can reduce your workload by letting your janitorial service take on most of these responsibilities.

Here are three reasons why buying your restroom and other disposable supplies from your cleaning service is advantageous: cost savings, streamlined operations, and convenience.

Reason 1: Cost Savings

Cleaning services often buy supplies in large quantities from distributors, giving them more purchasing power than individual businesses. This bulk buying allows them to secure lower prices, which means your cleaning provider can offer you competitive rates that may be lower than your current costs. By leveraging their economies of scale, you can cut expenses without compromising on quality.

Reason 2: Streamlined Operations

Managing restroom supplies can be a logistical challenge. It involves frequent checks of storage areas, ensuring proper dispensers are installed, and scheduling deliveries accurately. Your cleaning service, already familiar with your supply areas and usage patterns, can monitor stock levels daily and know precisely when to reorder. By allowing them to handle inventory management and purchasing, you eliminate the hassle and ensure a consistent supply of necessary items.

Reason 3: Convenience

Having your cleaning service manage supply purchasing and inventory offers significant convenience. Simplifying your vendor list reduces your administrative burden. You won't need to juggle multiple inventories, place orders, approve prices, or manage various invoices. In the largely commoditized supply market, where prices are generally similar, convenience becomes a significant advantage. Letting your cleaning company handle this aspect makes your job simpler and more efficient.

Next Steps

If you currently buy restroom and disposable supplies from a different distributor, consider discussing with your cleaning service whether they can supply these products. Request pricing for comparable items and ask how they can simplify the process for you. By making this switch, you might save money, but you will certainly enhance efficiency and convenience.

In conclusion, entrusting your cleaning service with the responsibility of purchasing and managing your facility’s restroom supplies can lead to cost savings, improved operations, and greater convenience. This strategic decision allows you to focus on other critical aspects of facility management, confident that your supply needs are well-handled.


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