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Is it possible for us to terminate our current janitorial agreement?

Understanding Your Options for Ending a Janitorial Contract

Have you wondered if it's possible to end your current janitorial contract? While canceling an agreement should be a last resort, it's essential to know your options. Let's explore each possibility.

"No" – The Airtight Contract

Although rare in the janitorial industry, some contracts are stringent and challenging to terminate without penalties. They may enforce specific service durations and eliminate cancellation options, leading to legal consequences should you terminate. If you come across such contracts, it's best to avoid them. However, if you're already in one, try discussing a peaceful termination with your provider. If unsuccessful, you may have to fulfill the contract until its stipulated term ends.

"Maybe" – The Contract with Exceptions

This contract is more common and includes clauses that permit cancellation under specific circumstances. For instance, the vendor must have significant service deficiencies that are unaddressed. You can request that the issues be fixed, and if not, you're allowed to cancel. If you have this type of contract, understand the language and how you can terminate it. If you're unable to resolve the service issues, have a plan in place to cancel according to the contract.

"Yes" – The Contract with a "30-Day-Out Clause"

Most janitorial contracts include a "30-day-out clause," allowing either party to terminate the agreement with a written notice of thirty days, without the need for an explanation. If you're currently under a contract or service agreement, it's likely to include this clause. You can confidently exercise your right to terminate the contract without concerns about legal or financial consequences. Regardless of your situation, it's crucial to be well-informed and formulate a strategy for the future. Seek legal counsel if your service agreement lacks clarity, and have a comprehensive understanding of your options. We hope this information helps you make informed decisions about your janitorial contract.


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