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4 Must-Ask Questions for a Prospective Cleaning Company

The process of finding a new cleaning company can take time and effort. What if their performance falls short? What if the initial experience is disappointing? What if the issues escalate, making the new company's complaints surpass those of the previous janitorial service provider? You seek a vendor who can offer you the highest likelihood of a hassle-free cleaning service, alleviating your concerns.

Below are some key inquiries you should pose to any potential janitorial company. Although these questions may not offer a complete picture, but they serve as valuable indicators to assess whether vendors are suitable for maintaining your facility's cleanliness.

1. Can you share your approach to recruiting and training team members? How much do you pay?

The effectiveness of the cleaning at your facility depends largely on the quality of the individuals performing the task. Therefore, it's essential to have confidence that your chosen vendor will identify and hire the most qualified workers, offer them fair compensation, and provide them with proper training. A company with a robust process should be ready to respond confidently to these inquiries. A competitive hourly wage, a rigorous hiring process, and comprehensive training are all indicators of a positive experience you can expect from this vendor.

2. Can you describe your service model?

A service model is a framework employed by janitorial companies to guarantee the level of service you anticipate. Regrettably, certain companies lack a robust service model; they merely dispatch cleaners and address complaints as they arise. However, you should set higher expectations to attain the peace-of-mind service you desire. What will the initiation process entail? How frequently will inspections occur? How often will a manager be present on-site? Will there be regular partnership meetings held?

3. Who will be in charge of managing our account's service?

Utilize this inquiry to ascertain whether the janitorial company employs local management. Given the regular presence of a crew at your facility, it's essential that management is local. Additionally, delve deeper to explore their operational setup. Who conducts on-site inspections? Who manages complaints and handles requests for additional work? Who supervises the cleaning staff? A top-notch cleaning company should provide satisfactory responses to these inquiries.

4. Can you provide references from three companies of comparable size?

A reputable cleaning company should have no reservations about providing you with references who are willing to engage in discussions. Nevertheless, relying solely on references is insufficient. Ideally, you should seek references from facilities that closely match your own in terms of size and complexity. While a company may excel in servicing a small office building, it may not be adequately equipped to handle the specific demands of a surgery center or manufacturing plant. If they can furnish high-quality references from facilities similar to yours, you may have identified an outstanding janitorial company to partner with.


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